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plan-int1“There is no bad weather, just bad gear,” say Summit County locals.

Most people stay with us to enjoy a Colorado adventure and spend time outdoors.  The key to that is good clothing, shoes, and sun protection.

Colorado is beautiful and very sunny, but staying in the mountains requires layers of clothing because the temperature and weather can change quickly from warm and sunny to cold and windy and everything in between.

Make sure you bring a good coat, hat and gloves or mittens.  Locals wear down coats and gloves even in the summer in the evening.  And toss in the swimsuit for the hot tub, pools or recreation center.

Of course we have many, many stores here and you can always buy what you need, but often it’s good to start with the basics in your bag.

Other than good clothes and shoes you can rent or buy all the equipment you need for any of the activities in the area.  Our entire community is focused on helping you enjoy yourself in the mountains.

plan-int2Driving Here
Driving conditions can change quickly too.  Our Weather and Road Conditions page features the most useful Interstate 70 Webcams so you can see what is ahead of you.

It can be clear driving with dry conditions or dumping snow and slow travel.  It is best to be prepared with food and water and layers of clothing even in the car.

Your property is stocked with paper products, dish and dishwasher soap, and bath soap.  Our kitchens are fully equipped with glassware, dishes, tableware, pans and cooking utensils. Units with washer and dryer also have laundry detergent.  We restock the items after you depart.

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